An essay is a very specific genre, one that is still dear to the hearts of many tutors all over the world, even if it has declined in popularity amongst the general public for the past few years. One can also find the essay in items like magazines ranging from Newsweek to Cosmopolitan, and in the editorial sections of every newspaper. The blog entries can similarly be considered to be essays since the authors have things to say about a particular topic that is of essence to them and generate written pieces that articulate their thoughts regarding the topic to the whole world.

In addition, the essay is also something quite demoralizing for most students, maybe because the form is in itself very deceptive. Before you begin to put it down, it seems so easy to combine a bunch of thoughts or ideas into a cohesive and understandable flow of words; but unless you are a proficient writer, what happens in your head is very different from what comes out of the paper.

Making the essay writing even more intricate is the fact that; when assigned in the context of a university or a college course, the essay is intended to reveal a specific level of knowledge in the body, a very specific theme and topic, as well as to be written down for a specific purpose (to persuade, to inform, to illustrate, and so on). As eager as students might be to show their lecturers that they have surely learned as per their coursework, many of them fail, just because they have no model to work with.

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